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PESONA BALI ECOLODGE is a very exotic inn because it is surrounded by mountains, rice fields and forests so that it has a beautiful and soothing natural panorama. Located in Wongaya Gede Village, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency which is one area with Jatiluwih cultural reserve supported by Mount Batukaru tourist attraction, Batukaru Luhur Temple and Penatahan and Angsri hot springs. Lodging that is adapted to the natural environment in the form of Bamboo Houses, Balinese Bale and Balinese Glebeg adds to the exotic atmosphere of rural nature away from the noise.

Pesona Bali Eco Lodge
Pesona Bali Eco Lodge

Pesona Bali

Nature's Symphony in Wongaya Gede

Welcome to Wongaya Gede, where nature unfolds its majestic beauty in a symphony of sights that captivate the soul. At Pesona Bali, we are privileged to be nestled in the embrace of this enchanting village, where the allure of Mount Batukaru and the serene charm of lush rice fields create a canvas of natural wonder.

Pesona Bali

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